• 17 October 2018

Novelties Wall of Fame Vote for the Dutch Tulip Award!

We are doing things differently this year! Imagine a colorful wall full of beautiful photographs picturing only unique novelties. The past few years, it was always possible to digitally vote for the Dutch Tulip Award. This year, voting will take place the old-fashioned way - with a piece of paper! Come to Royal FloraHolland House and vote for the product that is most special in your view.

More about the Dutch Tulip Award
Annually, Royal FloraHolland introduces hundreds of new cultivars and concepts. Winning the Dutch Tulip Award means a lot - honor for the nominees, PR in the media and more demand for the product. Growers show a great deal of interest in this prize. The award will go to the most successful introduction to the market in the categories cut flowers, houseplants, garden plants and sales concepts.